Protect Your Precious Home From El Nino With Allison Plumbing

Are you and your family ready for the upcoming El Nino phenomenon? Wait- more importantly, is your precious home ready and fully protected against such a destructive event?

I know I am. Let me tell you a personal story of how I became fully prepared to face the El Nino by fortifying my house and plumbing with Curious to know why I chose this exceptional company to protect my precious abode? Then keep on reading to find out!

El Nino and Me (and my house)

The El Nino phenomenon was probably the furthest thing on my mind when I switched on the TV one night to listen to local news. You see, I live in a state that is as close to a tropical paradise as one can get- plenty of sun all throughout the year, with the occasional rain every now and then. No worries, right? This was my garden of eve, my base where the conditions are simply perfect for growing my prized exotic flowers. How was I supposed to know that the world was a-changin’, with weird weather patterns and climate changes coming in left and right?

So, while preparing dinner, the anchorwoman said something about how “El Nino” was inevitably coming to wreak havoc, and something about taking prevention steps as early as now, etc etc. It was funny because initially I thought who Nino was and why was he so important and such. Then when I glanced at the TV screen, I saw how El Nino was not a person but a weather phenomenon. The local news network even provided helpful images of how El Nino is created, and what could happen if left unchecked.

I saw pictures of flooding, and I thought “Nah, that wouldn’t happen here”. But wouldn’t it? A little niggling thought wormed into my mind and just wouldn’t stop. I lay awake throughout the night, unable to stop worrying about my house and my prized flowers (they were just about to blossom!). Finally, I decided to Google the word and was met with horrifying images of flooded backyards, streets and even houses!


I woke up the next day and was met with rainfall, which was kind of unusual. After the rain, I decided to take a quick look around the house. Hey, nothing wrong with making sure, right? Some of the rain water pooled in places where drainage channels were clearly present. Uh-oh!

That was when I was convinced to get help right then and there to combat this El Nino thing. The mission to save my house and my dear flowers led me to discovering and their quality plumbing services. and Me

I wasn’t about to do nothing and let my house fall to ruin when El Nino finally comes. I wouldn’t want to waste all those money and time spent in looking for and purchasing a dream home, with a dream garden full of exotic flowers! So I summoned the courage and looked for a capable plumbing service that can do the trick.

My next-door neighbor saw me inspecting the drainage around the house, and called me over for a chat. Turns out, she was actually much more of a realist as I was, and was way ahead of me in the preparation for the flooding phenomenon. When I told her about how my yard’s drainage was blocked and needed cleaning, she straightaway mentioned as her go-to plumbing service whenever anything plumbing-related happened to her home.F

I took her word for it (and thank goodness I did!) and called them up for a quick inspection and look-around. The staff came, and they did a full house inspection, in and outdoors plumbing, the whole nine yards. They were very thorough and asked a lot of questions regarding the drainage, the pipework and how my plumbing was set up. They were even patient and very acco
mmodating, as I led them around the backyard and expressed concern on how to protect my precious garden of rare flowers!

Well,’s friendly staff smiled and confidently said they can fix it so the water would not reach my garden. They gave me a promo special- $99 to thoroughly inspect all visible plumbing above ground, then come up with a comprehensive drainage strategy for incoming erratic El Nino phenomenon. They also mentioned the $99 I paid would be applied towards any and all additional work for safeguarding against possible flooding and water damages. I knew a deal when I saw one, so I didn’t hesitate and went for it!Channeldrainxjpg

The crew worked as agreed. The whole house was checked, and the problem I had earlier regarding the drainage channels not working were noted. The first thing they did was to unclog any drainage pipes and made sure the existing ones functioned good as new. They told me that the garage, the patio and the backyard area needed some more drain channels to keep flooding out. They also checked the basement for any leaks and the “wet” areas such as the bathrooms and the kitchen. Boy, they were very quick and efficient! I had little trouble moving about my garden, taking care of my flowers while they worked.


I couldn’t express in words how happy I felt when they were finished with my home’s plumbing and drainage! Everything was done according to plan- there was a new yard drain and area drain in the front patio, and new drain channels around the garage and other parts around the house, ensuring that the rain water wouldn’t reach the insides of my home. I especially liked how they took extra effort to curb the water away from my garden and my prized flowers. Some of the nagging problems in my indoor solve-simple-drainage-problems-inline-installplumbing were also fixed.

Overall, I give a glowing thumbs up and a 5-star rating to for their attention to detail, speedy and courteous service, and unparalleled plumbing craftsmanship! The $99 promo sweetened the deal because the end costs were much lower than I expected. Like my neighbor, the next time I see a person peering through and inspecting their drainage, looking worried over the incoming flooding phenomenon, I would straight recommend as the one-stop service for all their plumbing and drainage needs.

So now I can say to the face of El Nino: Bring It On! Can you say the same?

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