Save Energy – Save Water – Save Money

frozen-faucet-1206165Green Plumbing – Save Water – Save Money and Energy


ALLISON PLUMBING believes in helping to preserve our natural resources for future generations By using the following products which we install professionally for you:

  • Use Less Natural Gas
    Tankless Hot Water Heaters use much less natural gas than conventional water tanks and produce less air pollutants. These units are wonderful and give you endless amounts of hot water. In most cases your gas company will credit you up to $200.00 for using these gas saving heaters (check your local area for rebates).
  • Produce Less Air Pollutants
    Low nox water heaters produce up to 50% less waste into the air we breathe. If you have a water heater that is over 5 years old, it puts out twice the pollutants compared to the new low nox water heaters.
  • Save Thousands of Gallons of Water Yearly
    Replace your old 3-5 gallons per flush toilets, with new low water consuming toilets, which use only 1.5 gallons per flush. You will be conserving water and lowering your water bill.
  • Fluid Master Flush Valves
    These water saving valves replace the old float-type valves found in most toilets. They actually let you know if your toilet is losing water so that you can fix the problem and save hundreds of gallons of water each year from going down the drain.
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